Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Storyteller

Been a while since I've talked much about my debut novel from when I was seventeen (a whole two years ago!). Today I'm going to talk a little about a current WIP of mine, a long-due sequel to my Skinwalker original, The Messenger.
Here's a little about The Messenger, if you haven't read it yet:
The Messenger is the story of young Alexis Forysth and Cougar "Coug" MountainScreamer. Alex is a California girl who moves out to the Puget Sound in Washington when her mother dies, to live with her older cousin Liam. Coug is a skinwalker, a cursed soul who lives possessed by the spirit of the mountain lion and a hatred for the white race. When the two find themselves inseparable from each other, the rest of the skinwalkers will do their worst to keep Cougar and Alex apart, even if that means killing them both.

Today I began work on a story that's been sitting in my mind for a while, but never had the chance to come out. I'm storyboarding right now, but in the meantime if you haven't read The Messenger, check the link on the left sidebar and read a bit more about it! Now I can talk a little bit about what you can expect from the sequel.

"The Storyteller" comes from the meaning of the animal totem Badger. In the Skinwalker books, the badger's host is Benjamin Beran, the "Chief" of Cougar's tribe. It goes without saying that Ben will have a big significance in this installation, but I'm not entirely ready to reveal exactly how.

When it comes to Coug and Alex, this sequel is going to be much more focused on the two as individuals rather than as a duo. They will have to spend a lot of time apart and do a lot of journeying without the other. During the interim, they've spent a lot of time together and become used to the other's company. It will definitely be a rude awakening for them both.

This one is also going to be more focused on the skinwalkers than the previous. There's going to be a ton more individuals introduced, a lot more than the total of five you read about in the last book. Coug will also have to make some new "friends," as his journey is going to be just as physical as it is emotional and spiritual. Unfortunately, this will change him in many ways. He's going to become a lot more serious, brooding, distant, and he's going to have to grow up from 18 fast. Reality is going to sink in for him.

Among his new team, two new skinwalkers will be introduced that act as his "foundation." One is a girl with a very special ability, while the other is a boy with an eccentric type of sadism.

The girl, Aria, plays host to the spirit of the lynx. I haven't yet picked out a specific origin for her, but due to the lynx's significance in Ojibwe lore, she may come from the Ontario/Michigan area. I can just imagine her staring out over the great lakes, lost in thought. If you look into the Lynx's abilities according to its totem medicine, you can start to imagine why this girl might have a very useful power to the rapidly approaching war between the skinwalkers. I'm not very willing to say much more about it, but I am willing to give you all a hint: The lynx is the seer, and the knower of secrets. The same can be assumed about its human counterpart.

The boy, Mako, is the human host for the killer whale, or orca. A bit more local to Cougar than Aria, his history is one Coug knows very well. Originally from far northwestern Washington, Mako was "contained" among the skinwalkers for being sadistic an unpredictable. Cougar meet him onceas a child, and ended up with an extreme phobia after the young Mako takes a bite out of his leg.

As of today, The Storyteller is just in storyboarding, the same initial process I went through with The Messenger. It's still in the early stages, so let me know in the comments: what are your favorite animals, and what types of skinwalkers would you like to see teaming up in this next installment? Leave your opinion below!

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  1. This is the fun part of being a writer...making up a whole world and placing those interesting characters in it. All the possibilities. Best wishes on your sequel! Love your blog's "look."